(Brain) Storming the Shores of My Mind

So now that I’ve exhausted the concept of conducting research, it’s time to deliberate on what I’ll actually research. It’s a tough decision to make. When Professor Wolff was talking in class, many ideas whirled around my head: the history of dinosaurs in New Jersey, UFO sightings, and the history of my hometown. While all of these ideas are good (especially the one about dinosaurs), they are extremely broad in scope and I have no emotional attachment to them (even though dinosaurs and aliens are awesome). Then it occurred to me: the restoration of the Jersey Shore! I don’t know why it took me so long to arrive at this conclusion (actually I do. I was so enamored with the Jersey Devil concept Professor Wolff talked about in class, that I wanted to so something just as ambitious), but I finally did.

Unlike many people in my class, I live in Central Jersey, right next to the beaches that were decimated by Hurricane Sandy. Much of my own life is tied to those shores and for Core II, I will use my research to write a short story about the Jersey Shore. According to Governor Christie, the Belmar Beach Boardwalk should be completed by April, making it perfect for my project.

The only obstacle I can foresee standing in my way is good old Father Time. I have many responsibilities: I’m a tutor, a student, a budding novelist, an intern, and a sales associate (did I forget something…no I don’t think so). Balancing all these different titles is extremely difficult, for there is not a single job I can pay less attention to. I’m very good at time management, so even thought I’m worrying about it now, I know I’ll have no problem in completing the project on time. Now just to get over my fear of interviewing…


One thought on “(Brain) Storming the Shores of My Mind

  1. I also live on the shore. I live near Long Beach Island. So, I understand the connection you feel to the damage, but I am afraid that maybe you know too much about this project. Professor Wollf said that the projected had to be on something we know “virtually nothing about” and I feel like, unless you narrow the topic to something specific about the restoration, you may know too much about the topic in order to use it for the project.

    Other that that I like the idea and would like to see where you take it. There are a lot of possibilities here and I think it will be something you can pour all of your passion into.

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