Query Letter

Brittany Tenpenny

2713 Grant Street

Wall, NJ 07719




One-Story, LLC

232 3rd St.

Brooklyn NY 11215


February 24, 2013


Dear Ms. Batcha:

Two hundred and nineteen peopled died thanks to the wrath of Hurricane Sandy. The destruction of New Jersey’s coast contributed to the $50 billion accrued in damages. An estimated 346,000 homes were destroyed while 19,000 businesses lost a total of $8.3 billion. These numbers, along with many other variables, have been used by reporters to reflect upon the damage inflicted by Sandy and while they are quite overwhelming, they do little to capture the struggle Jersey natives have endured since October. I have crafted a fiction piece that will reveal these tales for the first time.

When Hurricane Sandy hit our shores, everyone’s life was thrown into disarray including mine. The relationship between my boyfriend and I was intertwined with the beaches. It’s the place where we had our first date, our first kiss…it was  where we became a couple. So much of my recent history and the history of my neighbors were devoured by the waves. I didn’t think I would ever get my memories back.

I recently visited Belmar Beach and though it’s a shadow of the place I used to know, reconstruction is underway. The boardwalk is projected to open in April and people will be allowed to visit the beach soon after. This is what I want to write about; people getting reacquainted with their memories. My short story will incorporate several beach related tales, including my own. The narratives will come together in the end when the beach opens. It’s a reconstruction of a different kind; a restoration of lives and a society.

For the past month, I have intently researched the affects of Hurricane Sandy on New Jersey’s coast line and plan to embed residents’ real stories in the fictional narrative. I believe the story will be a perfect fit for One Story. I currently write for WholeFoods Magazine have been published in Nth Degree. 

Thank you for considering my story and I hope to hear from you soon.


Brittany Tenpenny


One thought on “Query Letter

  1. Hi Brittany,
    Your query letter looks great. You’ve already done an impressive amount of research and your delivery grabs the reader. I couldn’t see a publisher turning you down. You hook right from the start, as a news report. Great job. Very impressive.

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