The Royal We

A week ago, a prince was born. George Alexander Louis’ birth was the most watched TV event in recent memory. Bookies placed major bets on the babies name and gender. News anchor speculated on the prince’s upbringing and nearly every reporter in the world was camped outside the Lido Wing waiting for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to appear on the steps with their son.

Now that a week has passed, it’s business as usual in England. In fact, it was business as usual when the baby’s gender was revealed. Having a male heir to the throne is nothing new in England. Had the Duchess given birth to a girl, there would have been more excitement outside Buckingham Palace.

In America however, the Royal Baby fever has yet to dissipate. Every tabloid is covered with pictures of William, Kate and George. What is it about this family that captures our imagination? Why are we, Americans, obsessed with the British monarchy? Prince George will have absolutely no bearing on our everyday lives, yet we find ourselves entranced. I believe this has to do with the glamour that surrounds a monarchy. Every girl dreams of being a princess and marrying a prince. The presidency doesn’t have the same lure. The leaders change every four years, leaving us with no time to be attached to anyone. That’s also part of the reason I believe we worship celebrities. They provide us with a sense of comfort and routine. They also live outrageously lavish lives, just like the royal family.

Our fascination also derives from Princess Diana. She was beloved by all of the world and, thanks to her tragic death, we feel protective of her sons. We have seen them grow up and now that William has a family, we are proud. But what else is it that leads us to this obsession. Is it the unattainable dream? The fantasy? The wonder?

It will be interesting to see how the life of Prince George is covered by the media from here on in.

Please leave an explanation in the comment. Why do you think Americans are so obsessed with the royal family?


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