Something Different This Way Comes

Hello World! (I don’t know why I keep saying world, but whatever. Just go with it). It’s been a while since my last post. Many things have changed in my life. First of all, I am no longer enrolled in graduate school. I know. It’s sad. I wish I could continue my studies but I have a good reason for dropping out: I got a job! It’s nothing too fancy, just an editorial assistant position at a magazine company in northern Jersey, but I’m happy. I am a paid professional! Unfortunately this leaves me little time to write and even less time to go to school. It doesn’t help that both places are on opposite ends of the state.

I miss my classmates and I especially miss the students I used to tutor at the Writing Center. And I don’t know if and when I am coming back. I hope it will be soon, but I know that this is my time to pursue my dreams. So I am not going to give that up.

And I’m still writing.

In my previous post, I said I was working on a novel that was related to the JFK Assassination. Well, half of the novel is finished but sometimes when you are writing, things change. Sometimes a better story comes along, one that is begging to be told. In the case of the novel I am working on right now, this story has been 8 years in the making. That’s right, I initially came up with the idea when I was 16. Can you believe that? I was 16 years old when an idea struck me. I can remember exactly where I was when I thought of the idea: in my bedroom. It was the evening and I, like every other High School Junior, was stressing out about my future. I was thinking about colleges, SAT’s, all that jazz.

But then my thoughts started taking a different turn. I ruminated on how lonely I was, how I didn’t fit into the world around me. Books and writing were my best friends. I sat alone at lunch, scribbling whatever insane ideas came to mind. From an early age, I was a fan of science-fiction. I blame my dad. He used to play the Star Wars trilogy all the time. Some of the earliest images I remember are of Darth Vader. He was so cool and intimidating. Needless to say, I became hooked on science-fiction ever since.

Anyway, back to the story. I was in my bedroom feeling low when an idea for a novel fell out of the sky. It involved a girl and a spaceship. Eight years later, the story has grown and matured into something special. It’s finally in a position where it is ready to be written. So that’s what I am going to do. I am going to write this series and try to get it published. And I promise that this time, I am not going to flip-flop. I’m sticking with this story until the end.

So this is the space where I will document the journey to publication. It is going to be a long and wild ride, but I hope you stick with me every step of the way.

In the next few weeks, expect major changes on this blog. I want to change the theme, layout, etc.


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