Baby, Take a Bow


Those curls. Those dimples. That smile. Shirley Temple was the world’s biggest child star. Her movies, simple as they were, brought joy to millions of people during the Depression. She had a knack for bringing out the best in people, for softening even the hardest of hearts. Although her career in Hollywood was short lived (her popularity declined in her teenage years), Temple continued to inspire generations with her talent.

She is who every child star should strive to emulate. Temple left Hollywood behind to raise a family and spread good will throughout the world. She never got arrested, never went to rehab and never posed for a mugshot. To this day, Shirley Temple is the epitome of class.

And yet, her death is getting less press that Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s, which I think is a real shame. Shirley Temple didn’t gamble her life with drugs and alcohol. She lived it to the fullest. For that alone, she should be celebrated.

So I raise a glass of ginger ale and grenadine to you Miss. Shirley Temple Black. May your bright eyes always shine down upon us.


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