My Favorite Books #10: Harvey Potter’s Balloon Farm

Hello everyone! Since I am pursuing a career as a writer, I have decided that I want to publish a list of ten favorite books of all time. So here is number 10.

10. Harvey’s Potter Balloon Farm by Jerdine Nolan, illustrated by Mark Buehner

Balloon Farm

What It’s About: This children’s picture book tells the story of balloon farmer Harvey Potter and how his magic transforms one town.

Why I love it: I know what you are thinking. A picture book?! Seriously? Unlike many books of its kind, Harvey Potter’s Balloon Farm is an extraordinary read. The text is quite advanced for a children’s book and the illustrations are breathtaking. Every time you read the book, you find something new. I fell in love with this story when I was in elementary school. Something about the magic and wonder of a balloon farm really captivated my imagination. This was the first book that taught me anything is possible. Although there are more popular options for children’s, Harvey Potter’s Balloon Farm should be the first book on every child’s reading list.


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