My Favorite Books #8: Gone With the Wind

Here is the latest installment of my ten part series “My Favorite Books.”

8. Gone With the Wind by Margaret Mitchell


What It’s About: Vivacious, feisty and clever, Katie Scarlett O’Hara is the oldest daughter of Gerald and Ellen O’Hara, plantation owners in Georgia. She is infatuated with her neighbor Ashley Wilkes, son of a plantation owner and resident at Twelve Oaks. On the day of the big BBQ, Scarlett is determined to profess her love for Wilkes, but her world is turned upside after she discovers that not only is Ashley engaged to his cousin Melanie Hamilton, but that he is joining the war effort against the North. What ensues is an exhilarating epic of love, loss, perseverance and the demise of the South.

Why I Love It: Two words: Scarlett O’Hara. Has there ever been a more conniving, vindictive, strong yet surprisingly endearing heroine? Margaret Mitchell spent ten year writing the novel and it shows. She created a heavily detailed world, compelling characters and a love story for the ages. Above all, Mitchell gave a voice to women and proved that they can survive and even prosper in a man’s world.


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