My Favorite Books #5: The Nancy Drew Mystery Series

Hey everyone! So here is the next installment in “My Favorite Books” series.

6. Nancy Drew Mysteries (1-56) by Carolyn Keene

Nancy Drew

What It’s About: Nancy Drew is a 16 year old (or 18 depending on the book) amateur sleuth from River Heights, New York. Fiery, tenacious and clever, Nancy goes toe to toe with hardened criminals and thieves to solve thrilling mysteries.


Why I Love It: Before I started reading Harry Potter, the Nancy Drew Mystery Series was my literary obsession. I own the original 56 volumes in hardcover and have made it through about half of them. I have played the computer games and watched the movies. As a young girl, I admired Nancy for her strong will. She doesn’t take no for an answer which is a skill most writer need to learn. (Trust me, I know). While some of the novels can be quite formulaic, there are a few standouts particularly The Hidden Staircase, The Mystery at Lilac Inn and The Mystery of the Tolling Bell. Nancy has evolved over the years, starring in many series, but the original volumes were the best.

Nancy was just as influential in my development as a writer as Harry was. Maybe even more so, because she showed me everything women are capable of. Maybe that’s why all of protagonists are strong women.

Many of you are probably shaking your head at this post wondering how the Nancy Drew series ranks higher than Gone With the Wind and Little Women. Sure, the Nancy Drew novels might not be high works of art, but I love them because they provide me with an escape. The novels I mentioned prior to this post are all fantastic and amazing, but Nancy was my first. And for that reason above all, she lands at number 6 on the countdown.


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