Yet Another Kickstarter Update

Good Morning Everyone!

I am happy to say that it’s three days into my Kickstarter campaign and I already raised $280 dollars. This is the halfway point, so I decided to post an excerpt of the story. Remember, this might change significantly from the finished product when I am done. If you donate $50, I will promote your work on my blog for a week. I’ll write articles, conduct interviews, the works. Help me out with this and I’ll help with whatever project you are working on.


Here is the link:

Here is the excerpt:

Gertrude saw those eyes, the ones that saved her years before. They were soft and gentle like she remembered, their golden irises emanating a soothing white light that grew stronger with every passing second. The rays beckoned and she wanted to follow, but feeble shreds of life clung stubbornly to her.

It was an odd sort of feeling, this half-death. Gertrude could feel her heart push laboriously against her chest, but the blood in her veins moved as though perched on a snail’s back. The rest of her body was barely awake and every slight movement of her limbs was beyond her control. Even her mind wasn’t her own. It floated between moments of clarity and utter obliviousness. She felt trapped within herself, swimming through a sea of lost thoughts. Gertrude tried to focus on the light but the present’s vice grip threatened to pull her away.

This was complicated by a droning horn that blared through her illusion. The solitary mumble rippled through Gertrude’s body, coaxing her soul from its long slumber. It purred deeply and clawed at its fleshy prison, crying for release but Gertrude remained determined. She kept it at bay and grasped onto the only memory that seemed real.

Shards of black, silver and blue overtook Gertrude’s vision and pieced themselves into the living portrait of an ocean. It was flowing and rough, the steely waves smacking the shadows below. Gertrude saw herself on the glassy surface, but the reflection was of a time long gone. Sharp hazel eyes stared back at her and dark brown hair grew knotted in the rushing water. Her large apple cheeks were tinted with a rosy hue that Gertrude was envious of. This woman was strange to her, so alien in her looks and manner. No one, not even Gertrude herself, could see the resemblance. She reached out a bony finger and caressed the skin she once possessed. It felt soft like silk in her hands. Gertrude surrendered herself to the feeling and melted into the ocean.

She was Gertie again, embedded with youth’s blessing. It was like someone flipped a switch in her body. Warm blood rushed through her veins and every organ was active and healthy. All her senses came flooding back and Gertrude welcome their return. She could faintly hear the sizzling sound of the waves as they touched the shore. Even now, on the brink of death, she could still feel their stinging slap. It would never leave her, not would the salty smell of the sea breeze. The air was laced with it and Gertrude relished the burning taste on her chapped lips. Her saucer eyes watched as the coast crawled slowly by, bits of light from houses peppering the night. They winked at her as the boat passed. Gertrude could not think of a more beautiful sight.


Thanks and have a Happy Sunday!



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