Dec/Jan NaNoWrioMo 2014 Day 6: Writing Routine

Hey guys!

I know that this video is a little late. My work schedule fluctuates every weekend–I never have the same hours. So I only had time to write at night. But that doesn’t matter because I surpassed my word count goal!

Word Count Goal: 11, 669

Words Written: 11,703

Yes, you read that right. Today I wrote, 2,554 words, making up for the past few days where I didn’t quite reach my goal. This means that tomorrow, I do not need to write as many words as I thought, which is great because I have a lot to do.

This brings me to the theme of this post. I work in retail, which means that my schedule is always in flux, especially during the holidays. Unfortunately, I cannot write at the same time everyday. I usually like to write in the morning before I get lost in completing the chores. However, sometimes, I write better in the afternoon or in the evening. It really depends on the day and my mood at the time. I know most writers try to have a routine. They get up in the morning, go for a jog, have coffee and sit down to write for a few hours. While this strategy might work for those who write for a living, I, like many others, have a busy life. I work for a living and cannot keep a strict schedule. So, instead, I have to write whenever I have time. I find that this really helps my creativity flourish and keeps me on my toes.

No matter when you write however, make sure that you do write. Get those words down.

Well, it’s getting very late and I need to rest up if I am going to write another 1,667 words tomorrow. What is your writing routine? Do you have one or are you flexible just like me?

Good night everybody. Keep dreaming, keep writing, and kill your darlings, or as I like to say, slay your dragons.

Until next time!


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