#AYearAThon January 5-11: Stand Alones

Hey guys,

So if you have been following my blog lately, you’ll remember that I said I wanted to participate in more read-a-thons this year. Well, it’s only four days into the new year and a read-a-thon is on the horizon. From January 5-11th, I will participate in #AYearAThon. This read-a-thon takes place once a month for an entire year. Each read-a-thon is about a week long and has a theme. January’s theme is stand alones. There are no strict rules to this read-a-thon. You can read one book or one hundred books. It doesn’t matter. You can learn more about #AYearAThon at their Goodreads page.

If you an interested in joining me for this event, please sign up for the group on Goodreads and leave me a comment on this post telling me which book or books you plan on reading. If all goes well, I hope to get through Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell and The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. At the end of the readathon, I will post an update of my progress and give you my reviews of the books I read.

#AYearAThon has the themes and dates for every month posted on their Goodreads page. You can check them out below:

January 5-11: Stand alone

February 2-8: Diversity

March 2-8: Benchwarmers

April 6-12: Fantasy and Sci-fi

May 4-10: Re-read month

June 1-7: Finish/catch up on a series

July 6-12: Agatha Christie/Mystery Month

August 3-9: TV & Movie Adaption

September 7-13: Banned Books

October 5-11: LGBT Month

November 2-8: Mythology

December 7-13: Graphic Novels/Mangas/Comic Books/Picture Books

#AYearAThon is perfect if you have a massive TBR pile like me or if you want to be exposed to new and exciting books. So good luck if you are going to participate. Have fun reading!


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