Dec/Jan NaNoWriMo 2014/15 Day 27: School Daze

Hey guys. Another day, another 1,667 words…or in this case 1,644 words. Close enough. Anyway, here are my stats for the day:

Word Count Goal: 48,343

Words Written: 51,591

Yes, I passed 50,000 words! The crazy thing is I am only about halfway through the novel. Of course, this being the first draft and all, I will be cutting down the word count significantly during the revision process, but this is definitely a good start.

So it’s the second day of school and I am already exhausted. This is going to be a tough semester and my writing time will be significantly reduced, but I am not giving up. If I have a spare moment, I will be writing. That’s the only way to get things done.

I also sent my other novel, Metallic Heaven, to my editor and I should have her notes back in two weeks. I hope to have this draft finished or at least close to completion at that point, so I can work on revising that manuscript.

I only have one class tomorrow, so I will have more time to write. Until then kill your darlings, slay your dragons and keep writing.


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