NaNoWriMo 2015 Days 14 &15: Pray for Paris



Hey guys!

Before I begin my blog post today, I just want to give you a little update on my stats for NaNoWriMo:

Word Count Goal: 25,005

Total Words Written: 60,584

So a lot has happened in the past few days. If you have been watching the news, you know that 140 people were killed in terrorists attacks Friday night in Paris, France. This devastating tragedy brings back memories of September 11th for me. I was only 12 when September 11th happened, but I will never forget the confusion I felt in the aftermath. I was so lost. I didn’t understand how people could mercilessly kill others. I still don’t. Watching the news and the rising death toll has wounded my heart. I feel so deeply for the people of Paris. Our oldest allies, France has had America’s back through thick and thin. An attack on their soil is an attack on all the U.S. stands for.

When something like this happens, it’s easy to lose faith in humanity. But we can’t. As writers, we dedicate ourselves to changing the world through words. We sit at our computers and stare at a blank screen, trying our best to make sense of the world around us. Through writing, we possess the power to make the world a better place, to lift spirits, spark smiles and instill values and love into our reader’s hearts.

It was hard for me to write this weekend. I kept thinking about what is to come within the next few months, how drastically global life is going to change. I’m not a politician or a solider. I don’t rule over countries or fight for freedom. I am a writer. I tell stories. The best thing our kind can do for Paris, the best thing our kind can do for the world, is to continue writing, to continue spreading joy through our stories and continue to inspire creativity and community through our literature. Maybe someday, someone in Paris will pick up our stories and forget their troubles for a while. Maybe they’ll smile. Maybe they’ll discover that love and magic and beauty still exist in the world.

Maybe, through words, we can finally bring peace



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