Tunes Tuesday-“All Too Well” by Taylor Swift

Music is one of the most important aspects of my entire writing process. That is why I wanted to create a weekly series that will spotlight a song from my current writing playlist.

This week’s song is “All Too Well” by Taylor Swift.

You can hardly go five minutes without hearing a Taylor Swift song on the radio. Ever since she made her debut in 2006, Taylor Swift has been a staple of the Top 40 radio stations. Just last year, she won her second Album of the Year award for 1989, and while it was her most successful album, it wasn’t her best. I still find her fourth album, Red, to be Taylor’s best work. The songs were the most sincere that Swift’s catalog, and nowhere on the record is the emotion more raw than on “All Too Well.”

Five and a half minutes long, “All Too Well,” takes the listener through several stages of a relationship: the hopeful, happy beginning, the rough and trying middle and the inevitable messy end. Taylor Swift is known for her break anthems, but “All Too Well” stands apart. There is no killer hook, no catchy chorus, just pure emotion. This is the Taylor I miss and the Taylor I turn to when I’m writing.

“All Too Well” reflects my protagonist’s feeling about an ex-boyfriend she runs into early on in the story. She has some fond memories about it, but she also has deep scars that have yet to fully hear. She remembers every moment of the relationship and carries it with her wherever she goes. It has shaped her into the person she is at the beginning of the novel.

Say what you will about Taylor Swift, but the woman knows how to write a song and she has never been better than Red. I hope her sixth album can match the sheer power and emotion of her fourth LP.

Leave a comment below and until next time, kill your darlings, slay your dragons and keep writing!




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