Tunes Tuesday- “I Do Not Hook Up” by Kelly Clarkson


Music is one of the most important aspects of my entire writing process. That is why I wanted to create a weekly series that will spotlight a song from my current writing playlist.

This week’s song is “I Do Not Hook Up” by Kelly Clarkson.

“I Do Not Hook Up” is the most upbeat song I’ve posted thus far in this series. I see it almost as a complement to “Hungry Heart” by Bruce Springsteen. My protagonist is a strong character who has goals that do not include romance. So when she encounters the character who will be her love interest, she is initially resistant. I could not think of a better singer to mine a song from then Kelly Clarkson. Queen of Female Empowerment, Kelly Clarkson’s songs usually promote strong women. My protagonist has been through a hell of a lot and is not ready to jump into a relationship, especially with this man she views as arrogant and self-serving. This song inspires me during their first encounter. There were plenty of other Clarkson songs I could have picked, but this one was so blatantly simple and direct in its message that I had to add it to my playlist. Also, it’s a welcome reprieve from some of the heavier tracks and themes that dominate both my playlist and my novel.

Have you ever heard this song? What are your thoughts? Leave a comment in the post below.

Until next time, kill your darlings, slay your dragons and keep writing.



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