New Series Announcement!

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Hello everyone! I hope all is well.

Staring next Wednesday, January 13th, I will be debuting a new series about the Heroine’s Journey. This method of story telling is something I am very passionate about and am applying to my own writing. Many mainstream films continue to use the Hero’s Journey model, and while I don’t necessarily think that there is anything wrong with that, it’s important that the voices of female writers and characters receive their due as well.

Luckily, the Heroine’s Journey (or Feminine Journey) is becoming more popular thanks to films and novels such as Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, and The Hunger Games.

You can expect a new post about the Heroine’s Journey every Wednesday for the next month or so. I will break down each stage and analyze popular stories that use the model.

I cannot wait to engage with everyone about this topic. But until next time kill your darlings, slay your dragons, and keep writing!

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