Weekly Writing Update #7: 2/20/21

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February has been a very trying month. My mental health hasn’t been at its best and every aspect of my life has been in a whirlwind. But through it all, I have managed to write. It hasn’t been easy. I only wrote for two days this week, but as I stated before, I am aiming for quality not quantity.

I switched over to my male protagonist’s point of view because I reached a point in Act 1 where I couldn’t continue with my female protagonist’s prospective until I had written his part. His first chapter is complete and I just started his second. I carved some time out today to write so hopefully, I can get it done by Sunday.

I am not setting any goals for myself this week. I don’t need the added pressure right now. All I can do it write.

Until next time, kill your darlings, slay your dragons, and keep writing.

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