Stories I Love: Sailor Moon

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One of the first stories I remembering becoming obsessed with was the Japanese anime, Sailor Moon. I had no idea what anime was at the time, but I loved the idea of a school girl saving the galaxy. Usagi, aka Sailor Moon, is a girl of fourteen when she first gets her powers. She isn’t considered beautiful or intelligent. Her friends, who also have powers, are often more capable than Usagi. And yet, she is the leader of the pack because of her capacity to love.

When I first started watching Sailor Moon, I was enamored by the fact that Usagi’s greatest power was her ability to love fiercely. It was so refreshing to see, especially when many of the superhero shows at the time showed main characters who succeeded because of their brawn. Any young girl could be Sailor Moon, “fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight.”

I have since read the manga and have developed an even greater appreciation for Usagi and her friends. Sailor Moon has an enduring legacy and will continue to inspire girls for generations to come. If you have not yet seen the anime, I highly recommend it.

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