Tunes Tuesday #11: Bruce Springsteen

I couldn’t possibly write a post about music without talking about the Boss. Jersey born and raised, Bruce Springsteen is one of the greatest living songwriters. His music paints a picture of life and makes the mundane day to say struggles seem more magical. There is always a tinge of wistfulness and wanderlust to his songs, which I think is relevant to some parts of my story.

One of my favorite Springsteen songs is “Bobby Jean” from his Born in the U.S.A album. The songs features the singer lamenting the sudden loss, disappearance of his friend Bobby Jean. He has no idea where she has gone and if he will ever see her again. Things may not have been perfect between them, but the singer will always hold their friendship close to his heart.

In my novel, one of my tertiary/background characters is also named Bobbie Jean. This was a pleasant coincidence (trust me, I wish I had planned it). My male protagonist was in a relationship with Bobbie Jean in his youth and, without giving too much away, things didn’t go well between them. I imagine my male protagonist playing this song alot, especially when he missed Bobbie Jean. He is haunted by the fallout between them and even though it has been years, he cannot get over it. In fact, it is the disillusionment of this relationship and his part in it that motivates his journey throughout the novel.

“Bobby Jean” is a song about the grief of losing someone you care about and wishing them well. Please give it a listen and then check out Springsteen’s other songs. They tell fascinating stories.

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