Tunes Tuesday #12: Keane

Hello everyone! After a week long hiatus, I am back with another installment of Tunes Tuesday. For the past few days, I have been entrenched into listening to music from the Aughts, or the decade from 2000-2009. Though I consider myself a 90’s kid, I really began to discover music more when I reached middle school and high school. I was an avid TRL viewer, rushing home from school so I could watch the show and see if my favorite artists reach the top of the countdown. Sadly, TRL no longer exists and that time of my life has long passed, but I have the music to help me relive those memories.

One song that I liked at the time but have come to recently appreciate is “Somewhere Only We Know” by Keane. This wistful and slightly melancholy song laments about a shared experience the singer had with someone close to him. Things aren’t great between them, they have lost their way. Sometimes, you need a reminder of what things once were to help you better appreciate what you have.

This relates quite well with a section I just wrote in my novel. My female protagonist thinks back onto her first kiss with her boyfriend, with whom she is having some serious problems. She believes that if he too thinks back on these memories and remembers the love they share, he will love her once again. It’s a flawed way of thinking and my protagonist knows it, but nothing is going to stop her from dreaming.

It is an amazing song and I think you should all check it out!

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