Weekly Writing Update #18: 5/23/21

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Hello everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your weekend. The weather where I live is beautiful and I am trying to soak up as much sun as I can. I have also been doing a lot of writing. In my last post, I talked about finishing Act 1. Well, I did it. My first pass at Act 1 is complete. Before moving onto Act 2, I wanted to make sure that I had a solid foundation moving forward. So I had someone close to me read through Act 1. That’s when a major flaw in my story was brought to light. Having two POV characters makes the tone of the novel uneven. There is too much going on and it is difficult to focus on just one story line. As I have mentioned before, I have two protagonists: a man and a woman. As much as both stories are important to me, I always saw the novel as primarily belonging to the female character.

So, I made a decision. I am going to switch to just one POV. By doing this, I can better serve the story and the novel will read much easier than it does now. That does not mean that my male character won’t exist. We are just going to see everything from my female character’s POV. This means that before I can continue writing, I need to adjust my outline to reflect these new changes.

Sometimes having another set of eyes on your work can be a good thing. A reader can see things that you cannot and can help you focus and hone in on certain details in your story. My goal for the next week is to finish adjusting my outline. Once I finish that, I am going to make the necessary changes to Act 1 before proceeding to Act 2. Hopefully the writing will go a little more smoothly now that I am focusing on just one POV.

I hope your writing projects are going well. Until next time, kill your darlings, slay your dragons, and keep writing.

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