Tunes Tuesday #10: Selena Gomez

I am not a huge fan of modern music. Most of it too beat driven for me. I prefer music with deep lyrical meaning. Sometimes however, pop music marries the beat and the lyrics together to create a full musical experience. One of those songs is “Lose You to Love Me” by Selena Gomez.

I know this song is about Selena’s personal life, of which I know very little. What struck me about the song is how well it fits with the mindset of my female protagonist in Act 1 of my novel. She and her boyfriend have been together for a decade. She has given him everything, sacrificing her own happiness to secure his in hopes that he would love her in return. But this coping mechanism is falling apart. A chance encounter with another man makes my heroine rethink her whole perspective and after a betrayal, she makes the decision to leave her lover and find herself.

“Lose You to Love Me,” would be the song that plays when my heroine confronts her boyfriend, deciding once and for all that she isn’t going to put up with the pain anymore. Selena’s small, breathy voice reflects my heroine’s insecurity. And yet, it takes a tremendous amount of strength to leave someone you have spent more then ten years with.

Check out the song below. I highly recommend it.